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social media marketing

Take your Social Media

campaigns to the next level

We will supercharge your social ad performance while tracking and 
maximizing impact across your entire marketing universe.


                                                                       social media marketing

We have extensive experience in Social Media Marketing

We combine in-depth strategy, precision targeted media and scroll-stopping creative to develop campaigns and content that hit, stick, and leave a lasting impression.


Social Media Strategy

By creating a cohesive strategic approach, our recommendations will allow you to take your paid media results forward with purpose and direction.

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Social Paid Advertising

Paid social is a fundamental part of any social media strategy. We will make sure your content is seen at the right time, in the right place and by the right people.

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Social Media Management

True practitioners, our social media consultants continually test and learn, maximising client budgets and ROI from social media campaigns.

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Advertising Strategy

We work with you to identify your business goals and put a solid social media strategy in place to get you the results you want.

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High Quality Traffic

Using our marketing methodologies, we can increase average order values, conversion rates and customer lifetime values to maximise sales and profits.

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Video Marketing

Our creative social team will use their creative skills to connect with your audience and tell your story in an engaging and effective way.

about this service

We take your business reach from thousands to millions

The interaction keptico consultants have with our social media clients is deeper than the typical agency/client relationship. We work with brands we love and amplify their stories online via various social media channels, best suited to each specific campaign or brand.

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step 1

Social Media Strategy

We create highly effective social media strategies to ensure that your online activity is tailored to achieving marketing KPIs.

step 2

Set-up & Execution

We will keep your campaign fresh, with quality, creative and relevant ideas and designs.

step 3

Measure & Scale

A clear view of who is currently viewing your content and where your future customers transact online is crucial for effective targeting and ROI.

our process

Our bulletproof process to win on Social Media

We get under the skin of brands and target consumers to curate and build communities and to develop a meaningful voice that engages audiences and galvanises them into action.

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